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Let’s Talk Bookish | 2022 reading goals

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, that is hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

So, this week’s topic is our 2022 reading goals and is submitted by Dani, one of the creators herself. Usually I don’t set reading goals for myself, but this year I have set some.

Create peace and quiet

Well, this goal seems a little odd for a reader and a book blogger, but I noticed that I should create some peace and quiet in my reading. Last year was massive and that didn’t turn out quite well. I’ve managed to read more than 200 books, but sometimes I got a feeling that I rushed these books and therefore didn’t enjoy them all that much. Reading a lot is awesome, but enjoying a little isn’t. I’ve set my reading goal at 150 books, but I don’t care if I won’t make it. I can always lower it right? Aiming higher, like I did last year, is something that won’t happen again.

Cracking that digital (and audiobook) TBR

This goal is extending to the previous one. Because creating peace and quiet in my reading also means cracking that digital TBR of mine. Also my audiobook one, but some books are already on my digital shelves for years. I have to try and urge myself to not give in to all the hyped new books because of FOMO.

Being more selective in my bookhauls

In extend to the previous goals, I should be more selective in the books I buy. My bookhauls are ridiculous every month and many end up unread for a very long time. I should curate this by really asking myself whether I want to own this book or if I should go with am audio version if there is one available. Or to not read it at all of course. This goal is a bit harder to reach, because at this very moment there is a huge discount on Scandinavian thrillers and there are several of them in my shopping cart. Not checked out though.

To read more thrillers

Well, I will talk about this as well in tomorrow’s blog post, but this goal should be within reach. Earlier, I’ve read a lot of thrillers. Because of some kind of genre bore out (or maybe burn out?) I drifted away from them and ventured more to YA and romance. However, there are definitely good thrillers out there which I simply ignored and even didn’t give a fair chance.

Finish the Fabian Risk series

In 2020, I stumbled upon Motive X by Stefan Ahnhem. This is the fourth book in the Fabian Risk seris and the first one of a duology within this series. I really liked this thriller and I stated I would catch up on the first 3 books ASAP. This was in 2020 and guess what? It didn’t happen. Neither in 2020, nor in 2021. Now I own all the installments, including the newest one, so there’s no excuse to not reach this goal anymore.

Not making a monthly TBR

I never did this and I will continue not doing this: creating a monthly TBR. I know I just cannot stick to these, I’m too much of a mood reader for that.

These are my 2022 reading goals. They seem managable though. Do you have reading goals and what are those?

5 replies on “Let’s Talk Bookish | 2022 reading goals”

150 books is still a lot of nice books to enjoy 😀
I’ve set my goal to 100 (I read 85 books last year), so that’s still a bit of a challenge.
Other plans I have:
– read more in other languages than just English and Dutch (I have quite a few German and Japanese books on my TBR pile)
– finish all my physical unread books
– re-read some old favourites

Goodluck with those!
Yeah, it’s good to read alot, but you wanna remember what you’ve read and not just race through it.. I’m on the other side of the spectrum 😅 slowly going upward.

I don’t do monthly tbrs either, but what i find that works well for me are seasonal ones- giving me 5books to read for 3months (that Im in the mood for, while making it) is so much more easier, and I tend to succeed more !

I’m also going to be more selective in my book hauls! I’ve been trying to since 2021 so I only buy books I know I’ll like and I like seeing books I adore on my bookshelf instead of the ones I feel meh about! all the best with your Tbr – it’s never easy to conquer it, is it?

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